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The 46ers is a club in which membership requires you to climb the 46 high peaks of the Adirondacks. Frequently 47th peak MacNaughton at 4000 ft is also included (but not required).

Peak 47 MacNaughton (early May 2010). Start from end of Wallface Pond blue trail. Follow trail south, it eventually gets harder to follow. When I topped off I had to go west to the true summit. At the time there was snow which is good coming back because you can follow old path back, if you can find it. It was harder than it looks like on the map (but that could have been the snow). Coming back make your way towards the closest lake and swing around to eastern side and then go north to find trail.

Peak 48 Green Mountain (done July 10 2010). Start at 30 yards or so east of turnoff for Giant's Leanto, est. elevation 3080. Follow compass bearing of NNE. Keeping sound of stream on left. At about 3200 there is a scramble up a 5 foot ledge. Relatively easy going until 3600 where there is a small cliff. I later found west of cliff is the way to go. At about 3800 there is dense blowdown. Once through blowdown its an easy walk to 3980 ft. Only views I had were of Giant and the scar of its slide on its north east face.

Peak 49 Lost Pond Mountain (done August 28 2010). (There is no official name for this peak, unbelievable since its a real beaut). Started a few minutes after passing 2nd turnoff Rocky Falls. I was trying for stream off of Indian Pass Brook but overshot. Instead of backtracking I followed compass bearing 320 or the the fall line. There were some negotiating around some small mossy cliffs. Had a visible sighting of top at about 3200 and then followed bearing of 240 and ended up on a east side of peak. Found way to by looking for highest tree that is due north of Lost Pond. About 50 yards south of top is an excellent view of surrounding mini-peaks and pond. Avoiding cliffs to left (east side) made it down to pond. I decided to go around the western side of pond because eastern side looked like there were more cliffs. The two "legs" of pond were interesting and still had some minor cliffs. I then followed 210 compass bearing over small mountain. After top, Wallface was visible in same direction. Keep going down... to Scott's Pond. Went around the eastern side of pond to meet up meet up with blue trail. The hike involved lots negotiating around blowdown and at times was hard to see the ground due to dense cover.

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