Morris Canal Trail

There really is no trail for the whole length of Morris Canal but here is my rough attempt at making one. Also here (not done by me) is a helpful town by town description. And this map is pretty good... canal map.. First, I started in Bloomfield NJ (close to where I live) off Broad St on the corner of Maple St and Spruce St (next to a trestle) (which by the way is hoped to be a Ice & Iron Rail Trail someday soon). A sign denotes there denotes that this was the site of an foot bridge over Morris Canal for the factory workers. Today it is a foot bridge over JFK Parkway to Foley Field... and yes there are still factories close by.

South from Maple Street
From here you can go south to along JFK towards Newark which follows original canal bed. Crossing Bellville Ave. (now follow on west side) under trestle (a sign says the train trestle was originally made to go over canal. Further on at Liberty and Spruce there is a plaque dedicated to the Morris Canal. Past this the Canal crosses the GSP, so make a left on Montgomery and right on Hickory (wrong way on one way st) veer left and then take walkway to JFK Pkwy going against traffic, make left on Montgomery St. Before Walnut there is a sign about Morris Canal. Make a right on Walnut and take foot bridge to Newark Ave. make left. Here is a sign that there used to be swimming hole here at this point in the canal. Then enter path along stream to Wright's Field. Follow full length of park by stream and exit by parking lot entrance/exit.

From here make a left onto Brighton Av, left on Harrison St and a right on Mill St. Here is a sign about Morris Canal (may be last one until Morris Canal Park). Keep going and make a right on Maple Ave. which dead ends, but there is a right of way along former canal which leads again to Brighton Ave. where you make a left. Make a right on Wallace St and then left back on Brighton Ave. Make a left onto Sanford Ave. Follow this by hospital you can make out where canal used to be. Take sidewalk where it turns into one-way street. Make left onto Clara Maass Dr, then right onto S Franklin. After trestle the Light Rail is actually in the former canal bed along Branch Brook Park.

Follow Light Rail, through Newark... (or follow Lenape Trail through park and once leaving turn right an go east on Lackawanna Ave., continue east on Orange St. and turn left on 1st.) After Franklin St, S Franklin Ave. becomes N 6th St. Make left on Davenport Ave. and right on N 5th St. Make left on Berkeley Ave. and follow to end on make right onto 3rd St. At 2nd Ave. W make right and at 4th St make left. At 3rd Ave. W make right and at N. 5th St make left. At Park Ave. make left and 4th St make right and bear left onto 1st St. At Orange St (and I 280) continue on 1st St.

Make left onto exit ramp and at Sussex Ave. make left. At Duryea St. (there is a neat park here with cool exercise equipment on left) make right. At Central Ave. make left. Left at Newark St and right at New St. At Lock St make right and continue straight to Raymond Blvd. (in the bed of the old Canal). This leads to Lincoln Hwy US-1 Truck. Most of this has side walks you can use (except the beginning and end).

From US-1 Truck go south on 440 but get on the east side. Left on Clendenny Ave. and right on Bennett St. Go straight over divider onto Virgina Ave. and over another divider onto Bennett St. Right on Clark Ave. and left on Water St. From Water St. get on 440 for a block and then back on Water St. then back on 440. This leads to a sidewalk by a strip mall. and then back on 440 crossing Dandforth Ave. Here in back of Fun Chinese Buffet a dirt path (in parallel to Sullivan Dr.) which leads to McGovern Park near corner of Sycamore Rd and Briarwood Rd. Take Sycamore Rd south to left on 63rd St. At John F Kennedy Blvd make right. go under I 78. (Stopped here).

Cross John F. Kennedy Blvd and take path by wall through Mercer County Park exiting at Ruby Brown Terrace. Make a right onto Avenue C and left through parking lot (parallel to 55 St.) behind bowling alley and then a left onto Garfield Ave. (The canal makes a sharp bend known as "Fiddler's Elbow"). Make a right onto Gates Ave. and left onto Princeton Ave. Make left on Cator Av. and right back on Garfield Ave. (I am guessing but I think the canal would have been just past the cemetery on the east side. Make right onto Grand St. Make right on Monmouth St. at end make left. You now would be in canal. Follow to Jersey Ave. where the is a sign for the canal.

Cross Jersey Ave. and enter parking lot (a.k.a. Regent St.). At Marian Blvd. go right to cross light rail and follow path along light rail line to Van Vorst St. Follow straight along light rail on Essex St. At the end next to Golman Sachs Tower there a beautiful artwork, a monument to the canal. Follow to Hudson river to see the front of the Colgate Clock. Notice Liberty Park to the south. Go back along Essex St. and make a left on Washington St. To the left is the Morris Canal Park which used to be a basin for the canal (there are also a few historical signs of the canal here). To the right is a bicycle path along the harbor leading back to Van Vorst St.

North from Maple Street
From starting point one can also go north from footbridge along John F. Kennedy Drive (in the bed of the canal). At James St. there is a sign saying that the bridge was once a "cross over" tow bridge. Go straight (E. Passaic Ave. (formerly Canal St)). The next cross street is Baldwin St. here marks the beginning of an incline. Go straight on E. Passaic crossing Hoover Ave. (more or less the top of the incline). You will soon pass by Old Canal Inn, Cross Garden State Pkwy, Centre St. Make a left on Pitch St., a dead end but there is a foot bridge over Pkwy. At other side there seems to be a right of way path along Pkwy., a few blocks down a ditch will appear... the remains of the canal. Keeping straight you will come upon Oak Tree Ln., follow out to make a right Broughton Ave. A right on Watchung for a block on north side one will see a sign for the canal. Turn around and go west on Watchung Ave.

Go west on Watchung Ave., and make right at dog statue on Broad St. At light make left onto what is still Broad St. Go straight on Broad St. crossing Garden State Pkwy. on W. Passaic Ave. Make left on Lindenbergh Blvd until end where the remains of canal on left go through Upper Montclair Country Club. Here we loose the canal for a ways. Make right on Raab Ave. and right on Garrabrant Ave. Make a left on Sylvan Rd. Make left on Bloomfield Ave. and after going under Route 3 make left on Orchard Dr. stay on this keeping left. Make left on Woodbridge Rd and go straight and follow sidewalk into Allwood Park. Follow to end and make right on New Brier Ln. and then left onto Combee Ln. Follow straight under power lines to Lockwood Pl.

Make left on Joyce Ln. and go straight through to parking lot. Here you can see sign for canal on other side of Route 3. Exit parking lot through entrance or exit and make left on Hepburn Rd just after bridge over Route 3 is a sign that the canal passed here. Turn around and make left onto Allwood Rd. After power lines there is a Jubilee Park where there are signs that the canal passed here. Follow path(s) through park to where power lines are overhead there are signs on west side of park that canal turned here. (Make sure you see statue on north side of park). Go south on Clifton Av. take side road when available and make right on Allwood Rd. Cross Garden State Pkwy and make right on Broad St.

There is a quaint Morris Canal restoration with lots of ducks. Continuing on to Van Hooton Ave. there is another sign that the canal went this way. Continue under 46 to join up with Grove St where there is another sign. Continue straight to Belgrade Ave. where there is another sign that the former canal is now under 19. Continue under 19 now called Marshall St. At and before intersection of Valley Road are two dead end streets called Canal St. There is a sign here as well as a sign for the "footbridge" steps to the Canal St. from Marshall St. Soon come to I-80 go under and make left at Slater St. and then right on Mill St., then left on Grand St. going under 19 again. The former canal is under I-80 and its making its swing around Garret Mountain.

Continuing on Grand St. to New St. (Here there is an interesting detour on right (a short bike path) to Upper Raceway Park and Great Falls.) On south side of Grand St. by New St. there is a sign for the canal. Go up New St. just before bridge across I-80 there is a dirt path along former canal. Continue on Barnes St. after leaving path. of the canal. At corner of Barnes and Carlisle there is a sign that the canal was above embankment. Turn right on Carlisle Ave. and make left onto Ramsey St. (one way, wrong way). At corner of Ramsey St. and Danforth Ave. (by church) there is another sign that the canal was in-line with the shrubbery. Make a right on Danforth Ave. and left onto Nagle St. Make a left onto Glover Ave. At end of dead street there is a sign that the canal passed through here. Going down Greenway Ln. (another dead-end street) it looks like the canal crossed midway down the street.

From Greenway Ln. make a left onto Squirelwood Ave. and veer right across parking lot to W. 32 St. and make right onto Marcellus Ave. Coming out on W. 35 St, make left onto Providence Ave. At corner W.36 St, is sign that the canal passed through here on left also there is a footbridge across I-80. Make right on 36 St. and left on Newby Ave. Then follow McBride Ave. under 80 making left onto Brophy Ln. In library parking lot there is a sign that the canal was above the embankment. From library make right onto Brophy Ln. Near top of hill is are two signs that the canal passed through here. Take the remains of a tow path. This drops you off at a First Aid Squad and Rose Pl. Continuing on Mt Pleasant Ave. for one block to Neeser Ln. where a groomed tow path starts. At bridge there is an American Legion, a sign says that sand was loaded at this site. Continuing on the tow path, this lets out on a playground where there are more Canal signs. Getting back on Mt. Pleasant Ave. take left onto Browertown Road. At Mill Pond Rd. there is a sign that there was Peter Bold's Mill and a boat basin at this site. Continuing a short way up Mill Pond Rd. there is a small waterfall and pond (with a short path). Continue on Browertown Rd. and go under Route 46.

Continue on Browertown Rd. make a left on Stewart Av. There is a dirt path to the left that runs for a block and ends up at stream. Going right is a paved bicycle path which leads to Lower Notch Rd. Cross Long Hill Rd. and there is a big sign for the Morris Canal. Follow path crossing end of De Young Dr. and then crossing a gas line path. Path ends at Cedar Grove Rd. with another big sign for canal. Go left, then right on Francisco Ave. and then a quick right onto Wilmore Rd. Take to Peckman Preserve on right where bicycle path starts up again. This ends at Main St with 2 stones from a river crossing and a time capsule from 1968. Make a right on Main St. and left on Van Ness Av. Make left after American Legion parking lot on dirt path (aqueduct). Leads to corner of Maple St. and Patterson Ave. where there is another sign that the canal crossed here. Crossing Patterson Ave. and enter Morris Canal La. (parking lot). At end of trail you can see waterfall. The canal crossed where the current water pipes are.

Go back and exit trail by going up the steps and make right on Main St. At Union Av make right across Passaic River. Just after crossing second bridge make a left down a dirt path (right by Morris Canal sign). Follow this unpaved section of Morris Canal path. Cross Fern River Ave. and Willis Ave. to 46. Here must turn around and exit path by making left on Willis Ave. and a left on Riverview Dr. Cross 46 and go under I-80. Make a left on West End Rd. Going to end of street, the aqueduct or former canal is fenced in so have to back up to make a left on Maltese Dr. Make a right on Taft Rd. and a left on Jackson Rd (changes name when crosses stream to Hanes Dr). Make a left on Edison Dr., canal crossing is after train track and just before light. Making a left onto trail it dead ends at stream. Coming back cross Edison Dr. and enter North Cove Park. Cross Taylor Dr and Pal Dr to renter dirt path. Coming out on emergency road and Booton Turnpike. Staying on path go straight under Route 23. Just before 2 railroad tracks there is a path to right, this is the start of the feeder canal.

From fork, take path along feeder canal. Go over train track. At Meadow Rd. take path around fence. At Ryerson Ave. there is a sign that the feeder canal crossed here and there was a Dupont Factory here during WWI. Cross Stylon Rd. and then Haul Rd. and continue on path just before second gate (after Haul Rd.) there is a path to right to Morris Ave. which turns into Linwood Av. Making a left on Newark Pompton Turnpike. Before bridge there will be signs that the Morris Canal crossed here. Turn around and make a left onto Black Oak Ridge Rd. (Here you can take Sandra Ln. to left but it will drop out back on Oak Ridge Rd). Take to Rt. 23. Follow 23 (opposing traffic past Dunkin' Donuts.) to just before bridge there is a dirt path leading down. To the left is private but to the right is the old canal path through Riverside Park. Follow this to Jackson Ave. on north side there is a sign saying it was part of the Feeder Canal (water from Greenwood Lake) where there was a dam, a lock and a lock tender's house just north of sign. Not sure if any more of the feeder canal is accessible or possible to follow.

From fork go across two train tracks, coming out on from a Sushi restaurant parking lot make right on Booton Turnpike (back a block or so is a sign that the feeder canal started here and ran 6 miles) and then cross Pompton River into Morris County. Here there is Lincoln (Aqueduct) Park that Morris canal crossed here north of here. Continuing on at Branch Pl (may also be known as Spring Grove Ln) there is a a sign for Lock 14E on south of road. From here canal is on left side of road. Crossing Main St and continuing on Beaver Brook Rd (here there is a sign that the canal passed here and again at Windsor Dr.). At the Community Blood services the canal runs between parking lot and housing complex. Turn around and take Windsor Dr. at bend in road there is a dirt path leading to Utne Ct. then make right on Main St. At Plane Ct. there is a sign that Plane 10E was here. Soon after this you can see the canal crosses road at Bonnie Ln. At Barney Ln there is a plaque about the Morris canal on south side. Go straight onto Whitehall Rd. Go straight again onto Canal Rd. There is a gate where this becomes Turner Ln.

Go under gate, eventually this leads to Macculoch Dr. Midway there is a plaque for a Morris Canal restoration. Make right at Changebridge Rd. (name derived from where mules changed from one side of canal to the other). Here there is a sign that Morris Canal passed through. make left on Main Rd. On south side by 287 entrance there is a sign that the canal crossed here. Go under 287, by Valhalla Rd there is a sign that the canal crossed here (so canal is now on south side of Main Rd.). The canal again crosses Main Rd. Here there are two signs for the Plane 9E (Plane 8E to west). Main Rd turns right and and by top of plane the canal again crosses Main Rd. (so now on south side of Main Rd. again). The canal than follows Emery Ln. on right side and then to be lost in I 287. Getting back on Main Rd., make left on Vreeland Ave. and go under 287.

Make left at South Terrace and right on Beam Dr. and left on Marc Blvd. Will quickly see an empty lot on right. From lot make right onto Jinella Ct and right at Vreeland Ave. and left on Lathrop Ave. Before 202 and Washington St., there is a sign for Lock 13E with boat basin and Clark's Coal Yard. Make right on Washington St. crossing 287 again. Go straight on Main St crossing another bridge for train. Make left on Plane St. This is Plane 7E. Go through parking lot and park. This comes out at intersection of Main St. and N Main St and W Main St. (Also from the bottom of Plane St., take Cronk Pl for an entrance to Grace Lord Park with some structures (wine cellars?, no idea) under plane and also there is a foot bridge over river).

Cross W Main St. and there is a sign for Lock 12E. Go down steps and follow river next to Booton Senior Center is a preserved tow path section, midway through there is a small monument on the street side. Follow N Main St. After a few houses the path starts up again at Griffith Park. Go down steep hill to get to far side of canal for tow path. This comes out next to a fireplace and driveway follow out. Across street there is a sign that the Lock 11E part of the tow path. An unmarked street leads to spot where you can see the stones that were part of Lock 11E. Past here you can see an abutment which was part of the mule bridge across river. Make right on Powerville Rd and just before Old Denville Rd there is a sign about abutment and Locks 9E and 10E. Make left onto Old Denville Rd. First unmarked street for summer camp, part of canal was at end of this street. At second unmarked street (sign there for Hamilton Farms) make right. There are wooden trains and garden store past this, just before stop sign make left, and now on tow path to Tourne Park. One can keep going until it dead ends coming make a right onto planks to cross canal. Go straight and exit park via Tourne Park Fishing Trail.

Right turn onto what is now called Old Booton Rd. or Norris Rd. Make right onto Bush Rd. At Towpath Rd. there is a sign about Morris Canal. The Towpath Rd dead ends. Back on Bush Rd, which becomes River Rd. Make at left onto Diamond Spring Rd. At Mary Ave. there is a sign about canal. About Peer's store, aqueduct across river, and Lock 8E. Mary Ave. dead ends. Continue on Diamond Spring Rd., make right on Morris Ave. If you go a short ways up Cedar Lake Rd. there is a sign that the canal passed here. Later canal crosses Morris Ave. there is a dirt road leading to church, exit on far side of church back onto Morris Ave. Make a left onto Savage Rd. where there is a sign, right onto Katherine St where the canal goes under I-80.

Go behind apartments, there is a path at the end of parking lot going under I-80. Keep going straight on this at the end there is some construction beyond that... going through some weeds, you can still see the stones set for the aquaeduct across the stream. Exit by crossing bridge just south and exit on Gill Ave. and make right on Beach St. (Or you can turn around here and exit back near apartments, make right onto Savage Rd. Take first pedestrian overpass and make right onto W. Main St. Go under I-80. Make right on Crestview Rd. and left on W. Riverside Dr. if you go straight there is a rickety bridge but looks like private after that so exited and got on Birchwood Dr. Make right onto W. Main St. You can take Broad St. and exit through an auto body place or go straight. From E. Main St. go right onto Beach St. To Drake Ave. on left and Gill Ave. on right).

Past Gill Ave. there is a substation on right where the canal passed through. Turn around make right on Drake and right on Ogden Ave. Make right on Jackson Ave. At Salon Secrets there is a sign about canal passing here. Turn around make right on Maple Ave. and right on Halsey Ave. At church there is a sign that the Plane 6E was here. Go up ramp and continue on path to Dock St. Cross Wall St. here and go straight through next parking lot through River Park. From bottom of hill you can see the aquaeduct across a stream. At Chestnut Terrace there is a sign that the canal passed here. Continue straight and make left onto Lakeside Dr. and a sharp left onto Mt Pleasant Ave. and a sharp right onto W. Main St. Make left on Nichols Dr. (there is a canal sign just past here).

Right on Manino Dr and make right cutting through plaza for World Gymn. Follow 46, there is a canal sign at Big Tub Car Wash. Make left back on W. Main St. and right on E. Blackwell St. Right on Carrol St, following it to left. This becomes Richards Ave. Make right on Trenton St. and left on Belmont Ave. Before E.McFarlan St. make left and go through parking lot and out Mase Ave. Go through next 2 parking lots and make right on Passaic St. Make left on E. McFarlan St. and at Hoagland Ave. there is a sign that JFK Playground Park was a canal basin. Go through park here and at E. Clinton there is another sign about canal. Make right and then left on Morris St. and at Richards Ave. make right through parking lot and south of Laughing Lion Restaurant. Here there is a sign that Lock 6E and Lock 7E were here. There was a CNJ train collision with a canal boat in 1905 at Lock 6E. Make left on N. Sussex St and right on Basset Hwy. passing Tow Path Square. Make left on Dewey St and left on W. Blackwell (side street) to Towpath Square and make right and right again onto bridge of main W. Blackwell St. just before Princeton Ave. veers right there is a sign that canal passed here.

Continue on Princeton Ave. At Rutgers St there is a sign that Lock 3 and 4 were near here. Take Rutgers St. and make right on Towpath. After a building the towpath forks. It could be that the left fork was Plane 5E? Private property though at top of hill. Turn around. Continue back on Princeton Ave. make right on Eileen Ct. and go through gate and through field keeping to right side. Go behind school and right on Lafayette St. (which becomes Fern Ave.). Make right on Washington St. (straight is the Wharton Rail Trail (which goes under I-80 and 15 ending at a parking lot off Richard Mine Rd.). Make sharp left onto N. Main St. Canal goes between W. Pine St. and W. Central Ave. There is a sign around Fern Ave. that the canal passed here and Plane 5E was just east of here. Make right on W. Central Ave. Midway on Burns St. one can clearly see the canal passed here. Continuing on W. Central Ave. just before W. Pine St. there is another sign for canal. Here also is the entrance to Hugh Force Park. Go through parking lot to start of present canal. Follow tow path to lock tenders house ruins. To the left is a hill for rail road. Continue straight at railroad path make left. When railroad path forks go left and then left at junction and pass rocks to come back through railroad path. When railroad path ends take path back to parking lot. (Alternate is at railroad path make a right and take path off old railroad to right. Follow this towards telephone poles where you will be at an old road (Mill Rd) where you make left a left and follow to Dewey Av. where you make a left.)

Continue on W. Central Ave. and make left onto W. Dewey Av. Continue straight at Berkshire Valley Rd. Make left on N. Dell Av. where there is a sign that the canal passed here. Make a right onto dirt road to get back on Berkshire Valley Rd. After trestle there is a sign that the canal parallels road on left. At Hercules Rd. there is a sign that the canal passed here. Continue on to Route 46 and make a right passing a strange abandoned building there is a sign that the canal passed. Make a left onto N. Hillside Av. Before railroad tracks there is a gate and path. Follow path to cement barrier. Passed barrier is a path that goes around pond so go either way. At Commerce Blvd make right, there is a sign that the canal passed here. At Route 46 make left and at Route 10 make left. Cross where there is no divider and go straight on Main St. and make left on Canal St. (there is a sign that the canal passed here) (just to right is King's Store). Before bridge there is a sign that there was a boat basin here. Make right on Emmans Rd. and left into Morris Canal Park (looks like plane 3E was here). Just past millpond dam is a path to incline (plane 2E). See turbine chamber midway up. Beyond this a path along canal. By this time you may have noticed the little octagon Morris Canal Greenway trail markers. There is a slight path just before this down to Route 46 going diagonally across power lines. The path dead ends at the I-80 exit ramp onto 46E.

New... I went back in 2014 and saw a new hiking map, with trails off of incline. The trail off of bottom incline leads to an old mine.

Leaving Morris Canal Park make left on Emmans Rd. and left on Main St (or go down hill from canal by power lines). Cross to Route 46 West and veer right onto Ledgewood Rd. Cross I-80. Veer right onto Shippenport Rd and go under trestle. After Orben Dr. there is a sign that Plane 1E was here. Make left onto Mt. Arlington Blvd. And keep left through light right before bridge over RR there is a sign that the canal passed here (Canal St.). Make left onto Lakeside Blvd. Pass Center St. on left. Continue past entrance to park soon there is a sign that the feeder canal passed here (at Sussex County border). Turn around and enter parking lot of Hopatcong State Park (Memorial Day to Labor Day there is a fee to enter park). North side of parking lot has a lock tender's house. (This is the highest height of canal system.) Go down boat ramp and make left to see a Scotch Reaction Turbine from a plane elsewhere from Morris Canal (you can walk inside!) Continue past old fountain and under bridge (for Lakeside Blvd) and pass ascending stairs where canal is clearly visible it parallels Lakeside Blvd but dead ends (though it seems to can make your way through some weeds to the road if you wish). Return and go back to Center St. and make a right. (There is a sign that a feeder canal passed here, water from Lake Hopatcong). Make left onto Davis St. Make right onto Canal St. (left dead ends). Make right on Palmer St. and left onto Center St. Before Main St. there is a sign that Plane 1W was here. Canal then uses Lake Musconetcong.

Continue on Center St. (which becomes Allen St.). Make right onto Koclas Dr. (which becomes Dell Ave.). and slight right on Allen St. and right on Ledgwood Ave. There is a sign and plaques by the dam regulation building. Canal stones are plainly visible. Cross Ledgewood Ave. and enter park. At post office there seems to be a canal boat basin which follows river for a short way. Back by post office cross Kelly Pl. and go down Plane St. Midway down there is a sign saying Plane 2W was here. Going straight and crossing bridge there is a nice canal restoration. At end of restoration make left and one can see old ruins (for Lock 2W?) just visible through vines. Follow path to Continental Dr. and make right (or take path to right just before Continental Dr. which leads over RR trestle).

After old RR trestle a bike trail will then start. Crossing International Dr. There is a very short bike trail along International Dr. at the end it looks like canal ran through here. Make a right into the woods, just before trail goes to right (and then ends) make a left. There is a long forgotten trail here preserved by a weed barrier sheeting. Follow sheeting and canal will be on left. At road crossing there is a crosswalk! Follow so that canal is now on right side. Trail leads to a bridge, but be cautious there is a large sink hole just before bridge. After bridge, trail forks, going straight the canal is on right which leads to a fence where the canal would then cross I-80. To the right are several branches to the Morris Crossroads complex, the last by a property divider wall. Return and follow bike trail along Continental Dr. and old railway line.

New... I just saw this on hiking map in 2014. And a must see IMHO.
Just after reaching end of bike trail and before bridge over the Musconetcong make a left onto a wooded path. At the split you will see its a marked trail. Taking the left fork, one goes up to the start of the canal after crossing I-80. Make a right onto towpath and follow to incline. One can still see old cables here. At bottom the trail splits 3 ways, to the left a path leads past an abandoned building under I-80 to an almost abandoned road (Waterloo Valley Road). Straight ahead leads you to Waterloo Village "across" an derelict bridge (closed). To right leads to what may be an old raceway to power incline which leads you back to fork and out. Make a left and continue on Continental Make left at Waterloo Rd. (by the way this is the start of a rail trail if one goes straight and parking).

Make left onto Waterloo Village Rd. Just past Waterloo Village the Highland Trail crosses here. Follow Highland Trail to the left. At Mustconetcong River, the Highland Trail joins the Morris Canal Greenway. Make a left to follow Greenway. This leads to the historic Waterloo Village and Lock 3W. (There was an old bridge across lake to Plane 4W (before crossing I-80) but only a handrail spans the water in one spot now.) Returning to Highland Trail now go straight and under I-80 (last crossing). The canal restarts on right side. You will soon be at a sign for bustling Starport. Follow Highland Trail and Morris Canal Greenway crossing and recrossing Waterloo Rd. Along the path is a Morris Canal waste weir, a lock tenders house from Lock 4W and a nice restoration at Saxton Falls for Lock 5W. Leave Highland Trail past rest room to follow Greenway. If you are adventurous you will come upon 3 bridges before turning around.

New... I just saw this on hiking map in 2014.
Continue on Highland Trail leaving it just before RR crossing. There is a road to right with Keep Out signs on each side, just left of this is the path for the Canal. Take this path, every so often there is a Morris Canal marker. At top of hill where you see electric poles is the prism of the canal. Continue as there is no real path along hill. At clearing make a left. There will be 2 paths off to right stay straight and then veer left crossing over former canal onto historical canal tow path. Continue, there will be an spillway and then a bridge of logs. After this the way is easier, eventually meeting Bilby Rd where you make a right and parking is available. Continue on Bilby Road and make a left onto County Rd. 517.

Continue to you see Tow Path Dr. on left there is a sign that the canal passed here. Make right through Cochran Funeral Home and straight onto Countryside Dr., and then straight on E Hamilton Dr. make left onto 5th St. and right onto E. Baldwin St. At Main St (Route 46) make right. Continue to you see Canal Ln. on right. Make left onto Roosevelt Ave. There is a sign that the canal crossed here. Make left onto S. Harvey St. Here there is a mile long canal path on right. Also there are ruins of a canal store owned by Silas S. Harvey, now part of Florence Kuipers Memorial Park.

Continue on canal path over bridge, then it intersects the end of Roosevelt Ave. Continue on to Buck Hill Rd. Where canal path comes to an end. Make left and go under railroad bridge to Grand Ave. make right passing College View Drive on left. Past railroad tunnel the road changes name to Rockport Rd. Just across street from Rockport Game farm there is a dirt road where a sign about the 1830 Rockport Boat Basin and at Hazen Rd there was a Canal Store owned by John B. Sliker. A path continues along the canal and comes to a dead end to the right, to the left is a path to an overlook. Continuing on Rockport Rd. at Hazen Rd the canal crosses and is now on left side. A little ways down Thomas Rd. (before RR) there is a sign about canal. And also at Washburn Rd. there is a sign about canal and its "Visible Prism". There is a sign that the "Historic Morris Canal" parallels Rockport Rd on left just before Cherry Tree Bend Rd. Make left onto this road. It looks like it crosses Bright Rd. a little ways down. Continue on Cherry Tree Bend Rd., soon after bridge there is an access path to Morris Canal Path. Here at Port Murray there was a boat yard and canal basin. Continue on Towpath Rd. to Main St. Here there was a canal store and a lime kiln. The path continues across Main St. but dead ends.

Make left on Main St. A short ways on Hoffman Rd by "Stop Ahead" you can see canal passed here. Continue on Main St. at RR crossing there are signs that Plane 5W was here. (It looks like there is a Morris Canal Acquisition down Brickyard Rd. but unfortunately there is a sign at RR crossing bridge for no trespassing.) Continue on Main St. now called Port Murray Rd. Make right on Route 57 (formerly Route 24) to Port Colden Rd. here can see Lock St. (Lock 6W) and a dead end street called Morris Canal Trail (Plane 6W) (take for to left). Take Port Colden Rd. just past bridge there is a sign about canal.

Back on Route 57, make right on Flower Ave., then right on President Dr. after crossing canal make left on Harding Dr. Make right on Flower Ave. (canal crosses Flower Ave. just before Harding Dr.) and left on Sunrise Terrace, and left on S. Pickel Ave. make left on Myrtle Ave. and take to end where canal is on right. Turn around and cross Route 31. At Cattele Ct. there is a sign about canal. Make left on Route 31 just past trestle there is a sidewalk path along tracks. Follow tracks taking E. Stewart St. and right on E. Johnson St (unmarked), and right on Taylor St. and left on E. Warren St, and right on Cleveland St, and left on E Carlton St. and right on Belvidere Ave. Continue past New St. (maybe able to cut through from Belvidere Ave but there is no path). There is a sign about the Port Washington Morris Canal - DC & WRR Coal Interchange to the east and Canal Shipment Basin Canal Buildings and Morris Canal Banking Co Boat Works to the west. Turn around and make a right on New St. and right on N. Lincoln Ave. where it joins Rush St. (which becomes Wycoff St.) Make left back on Belvidere Ave. and left on Kinnaman Ave. Make right on Plane Hill Road. At Partridge Run there is a sign that Plane 7W was here.

Continue down Plane Hill Rd. canal makes a left to go between Old Bowerstown Rd and Bowerstown Rd. Continue on Bowerstown Road (ignore Old Canal Road and Towpath Trail). At Brass Castle Rd there is a sign to left that the canal passed here. Make left on Brass Castle Rd. and right on Castle St. and a right on Midland Ave. Lake path to left and as path disappears you will see a bike path straight ahead (around basketball court) make a right here and follow, keeping to right. At Meadow Breeze Ln make right. There will be a sign that the canal passed here. Take canal path to parking lot and make right on Kayharts Ln. and left back on Little Philadelphia Rd. Make a right back on Route 57. Make right on Halfway House Rd. after second bridge there is a sign about canal (there is to west to Warren County Open Space with canal bordering but not sure how to get to it). Back on Route 57 make right on Franklin St. and left on Mueller Ln. Make a right on Millbrook Rd. just before Van Syckle Rd. one should be able to see where canal was. Take Millbrook Rd. back to Route 57 and make right. Make a right on Whites Rd. and there is a sign that canal passed here before end.

Continuing on Route 57. Canal crosses Route 57 there is a sign and a canal park on left. Follow tow path, in middle of towpath there is a canal museum (open 2nd Sunday) and a fitness path (a.k.a. Sycamore Trail) starts here also. Towpath continues to Bread Lock (a.k.a. Lock 7W). Where there is a tenders house foundation and a full scale canal boat recreation. Continuing to the left the path joins the fitness trail. Turn around and exit by gravel path and make left on Route 57. (The Cement Mile soon starts, which is the first cement road in New Jersey). After this make left a short way down Richline Hill Rd and can see sign for canal. Back on Route 5 Make a left on Prospect St. (there is a Plane St near here (Plane 8w?)) and left on Warren St. Make left on N. Main St. and by Resque Squad building there is a sign about canal. Turn around and follow canal by making left on Thomas Stewart Way and then right on Canal Crossing (which does not cross). Exit by making right on Willever Way and left on N. Main St.

Make left on 57 and make left on County Rd. 519 (Uniontown Rd.) Go through tunnel. Plane 9W is on left (to see grounds and museum hours are 1-4 2nd Sunday April-October (free pamphlet available)). Just before mile marker 29 there is a slight path to aquaeduct and canal path (it becomes a bike path before Stryker Rd. and then continues and dead ends just before Route 22 Return and make right on Stryker Rd. and right on 519. Make right on to Route 22. At break in divider (past diner) make a u-turn and take unnamed street to right (Lock St.). Just before bridge is Plane 10W and after bridge Locks 8W and 9W. With numerous historical sites in area (can pick up pamphlet at park by bridge).

Make right on S. Main St. To the right is a short path that leads to a channel for overflow which is now impassable. Just before the huge train bridge was Lock 10W. Continue under bridge. Before Sawmill St. there is a path that cuts to it from S. Main St. to left. Make left on Sawmill St. Here at Morris Canal Way is last sign that canal passed here. Make right on Morris Canal Way and take left through school yard and exit from parking lot and left on S. Main St. Make left on Mercer St and left on McKeen St. Make right on Howard St. and left under trestle to Delaware River Park and make a right onto bike path. It seems Plane 11W was at end with a toll keepers house. Continue around and exit through lot to left onto Market St and right onto Hanover St and then left onto S. Main St. Continue over bridge and then make left over free bridge to PA. Continue to left along park, looking across you can see a bridge where I think was the where Plane 11W meets the Delaware River. (Check out the Eaton National Canal Museum while your in PA.)

Started following this "trail" on my unicycle from May 2011 and completed September 2012.

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