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Why xlock? Well it all has to do with life.

bounce-left gif bounce-right gif I started developing xlock because I had a few demos, including the bounce mode
sphere gif and the sphere mode
maze gif and the maze mode from Sun. I wanted to have these modes used instead to lock the screen,
life gif but mainly I wanted to improve the life mode. (The life mode is a grid of cells each following a specific rule. When specific "interesting" rules are used it seems like the grid is alive.) So I added new rules, new life forms for the old rule, and triangular and hexagonal grids. Patrick Naughton, the original author of xlock, had no problems with me maintaining his program on the internet. Before long I was getting new modes sent to me from all over the world, writing new modes and "stealing" others from hacks from xscreensaver. One big regret, I chose the name name "xlockmore" to differentiate it from the original... but I am stuck with that now.
bat gif For example, the silly animated bat mode sent to me by "Patol", which is actually the bounce mode in disguise.
bouboule gif A neat idea was the -use3d option added to modes like bouboule mode (written by Jeremie Petit), thanks to Henrik Theiling, where you need red and blue 3D glasses to appreciate it. (Unfortunately adding another color, green, will not help us see 4D since we only have at most 2 eyes).
swirl gif An innovative mode was the swirl mode by M. Dobie and R. Taylor which cycled the screen for Pseudocolor displays.
gears gif A bigger break through mode was the gears mode by Brian Paul and Dany Sung, which opened the door for many neat modes from OpenGL and MESA. Here it is improved by Jamie Zawinski showing a planetary gear.
cage gif moebius gif rubik gif This was followed by a flurry of great modes by Marcelo Fernandes Vianna. Here are a few of them.
atlantis gif lament gif atlantis and lament OpenGL modes thanks to Eric Lassauge and Jamie Zawinski.
juggle gif As a juggle enthusiast myself, I really like the juggle mode by Tim Auckland.
polyominoes gif I mostly enjoy the mathematical modes such as the polyominoes mode by Stephen Montgomery-Smith, which enventually will solve known "solvable" polyomino puzzles,
invert gif the OpenGL invert mode by Tim Rowley and the Geometry Center, which inverts a sphere without creasing where it is permissible for the surfaces to go through each other,
penrose gif and the penrose mode by Timo Korvola, which covers the plane with penrose tiles.
life3d gif The two modes I spend the most time watching though are the life3d mode
ant3d gif and the ant3d mode which are written by Anthony Wesley and David Bagley.
xlock(more) is more than just the modes, there are a few password mechanisms and public lab switches that can be chosen to be compiled in. I eagerly accept patches and improvements and ports for xlock, I would rather get a new interesting modes. :) Many people have helped me maintain this over the years, most notably Jouk (Jacob) Jansen and Tom Schmidt. There are 100+ modes so I am sorry if I neglected to mention a personal favorite.
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