Making and Riding the Coasting Unicycle


Idea of Coasting Cycle
Design of Coasting Cycle (Tom Miller of The Unicycle Factory)
Machined Parts from Tom Miller
Coasting Cycle Out Of Box
My Coasting Cycle
Experiences Riding

Idea of Coasting Cycle

I heard that Ken Fuchs and Tom Miller made a coasting unicycle years ago. I first came across one from the Pennsylvania Unicycle club, S.W.A.T. They made one out of a commercially available three wheeler called the Green Machine which has a 16" wheel. I got to try at a MUNI weekend. I was just trying up hill on it but they were riding fearlessly downhill. You quickly discover the easist mount to do back mount. I asked Tom to make me a coasting unicycle to fit in a Semcycle XL frame with cotterless cranks.

Design of Coasting Cycle (Tom Miller of The Unicycle Factory)

Axle Design

coast axle draft

Hub Design

coast hub draft

Machined parts from Tom Miller


flange step 1

flange step 2

Coasting Cycle Out Of Box

top of coasting wheel

side of coasting wheel

This fit great on my 20" Semcycle XL.

My Coasting Unicycle

Here is a video of Elias riding coasting unicycle on first day.

Experiences Riding

Not there yet... unless you count riding uphill. I was able to mount it without holding on to something but always going up a hill.

Special thanks to Tom Miller for making it possible.

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