JavaScript 3D
Java 3D
X 3D (and Windows too)
Notes (4D viewers, I did not write this stuff)

JavaScript 3D

Here is a simple threed a simple 3D viewer. All done with 2D graphics.

Let me know of any problems here. I am still looking at adding more stuff to these. The Java below has more features, but can no longer run in your browser ... sigh.

Surfaces are now sorted and mouse interaction added to select multiple surfaces. Sound also added.

See project notes for todo list and history.

Java 3D

Here is threed a simple 3D viewer (need Java 8 JVM). The idea was to morph this into a 3D puzzle. The X Manual Page is written for the X version but may be useful to understanding the Java program. You can download the jar file (preserve the .jar extension), and then it can be run as an application like "java -jar ThreedApp.jar". (The puzzles used to be able to run as applets but browsers and Oracle have dropped support.)

App Source Code X Manual Page Jar File
Threed threed.zip xthreed ThreedApp.jar

See project notes for todo list and history. Please let me know if I left out anything.

X 3D (and Windows too)

Manual for xthreed, see table above.
See xpuzzles.README and xpuzzles.lsm (xthreed hidden inside).

C/C++ Source Code for X and Windows (xpuzzles 8.3.1, xz'd files)
xpuzzles at sillycycle.com
xpuzzles at ibiblio.org

C/C++ Source Code and Binary for Windows (wpuzzles zip'd file, same source as above compiled with MinGW).
wpuzzles (Windows puzzles)

Notes (4D viewers, I did not write this stuff)

Nteract4 A 4D Pocket Cube (2x2x2x2 in JavaScript)
For Tesseract, a 4D Rubik's Cube (3x3x3x3) with auto-solve for Macintosh contact: Charlie Dickman.

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