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Reverse Steering Kit circa 2020

new adjustable reverse steering new adjustable reverse steering installed handlebar holder 8 brace parts 8 brace parts and tube splitting brace green bike with training wheels cyan bike with training wheels beige bike with training wheels close-up of beige bike
Reverse Steering Bike: adjustable reverse steering kit to fit most bikes (the genious is in the slightly off center holder for handle bars (to make it adjustable)). Need to know gooseneck (stem) diameter size (usu. around 20-22 mm) for final finishing. $550 a kit excl. shipping.
Making U-Bolt

Prototype Reverse Steering Kit

aluminum block to holder reverse breakdown parts reverse parts reverse demo assembly

PushMePullme circa 2018 (Back to Back Tandem Bicycle)

Both riders pedal forward. The nervous rider facing backwards has handle bars that do not steer. Kokomo Cycling Demonstration

all the small parts the gears reverse gear pedal reverse no paint, no decorations upsidedown view decorations finished

Overdrive Fixie Bicycle

fast bike
Idea from Letourner bike from 1941, this one is a custom Varsity, all American made (custom work done in 2017). Modifications also to bike to accommodate gear. (112 teeth to 16 teeth, so a 27" wheel feels like almost a 16 foot wheel). Thanks to Kokomo Cycling & Fitness for picture.

Push Me Pull Me

PushMePullMe circa 1984
small pushmepullme cycle pushmepullme


a versicycle another configuration a third configuration yet another configuration
Versicycle (may have a better name)

tandem kids bicycle
Tandem 16" Wheels (Two 16" wheel bicycles supplied by customer)

10 person cycle 10 person cycle repainted video of 10 person cycle
Custom creations from your ideas can be built at the Unicycle Factory.... even built a 10 man bicycle! (3rd wheel was necessary for low speed parade use).

Swing Bikes (pivots front & rear)

Heavy duty Adult Tricycles

Bike with Off-Center Wheels
Clowning bicycles, off-center wheels (see also Do It Yourself Kits) (Cost Breakdown for kit)

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